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Sat, Nov. 11th, 2006, 12:03 pm

It was MUSE day yesterday and it was a very, very excellent day.
I'll review, but instead of just useless comments I'll go through the setlist;
Take a Bow;
First song, obviously they can't just EXPLODE into this like most other bands do with their first song, but they eased their way onto stage rather well with this... People were confused about what to do here.

Exploded into this and did a great job of it.

Map of the Problematique;
I started enjoying myself more around here, I sang (shouted horribly) more at this point. They played it way better than it is on the album.

Butterflies and Hurricanes;
Loved every second of it.

Very, very good, but I wish they played Exo-Politics instead.

Plug in Baby;
One of the best songs of the set, I knew they were going to play it as soon as Matt started having sex with the amp on the left of the stage. This was the first song me and Rayner jumped to, so Rayner got less scared of falling to her deaths.

Muscle Museum;
Words can't explain how fantastically they played this.

Forced In;
I wish they played a different B-Side, I thought it kind of lasted too long... But oh well, it was a nice segway into...

When the song started it was all quiet and stuff, but then when they actually PLAYED it blew me away, it was just incredible and energetic.

Feeling Good;
This (as well as New Born) made up for the lack of Citizen Erased (which I bet £10 they will play tonight while I'm not there). But Matt's megaphone broke, which is lame.

Like this song on the album. Love it live. Just the piano just sounds so much better than that acoustic guitar.

Wonderful. I'm glad they played this, it's one of my favourite songs from the new album. The guitar solo kicked even more rear-end too.

Supermassive Black Hole;
Awesome. Though not as good as some of the other songs, but still wonderfully amazing.

Time is Running Out;
Everyone knows this song, everyone sang along, everyone loved it.

Stockholm Syndrome;
Even though I love this on the album, they just better it with the extra guitar solos and whatnot.

Me and Rayner sang this too each other 'cause we're cool like that. Matt Bellamy rocks.

New Born;
I am ever so glad that they played this, I really am... I'll never forget this or Starlight.

Knights of Cydonia;
Just incredible, really. Everyone in the whole audience was singing along with it, even when we were going home some people were singing it.

Awesome night, awesome band, fantastic live show. Though the set could have been better, who cares? It's MUSE!!
I suggest everyone alive should see them.