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Mon, Nov. 20th, 2006, 09:49 pm

Do on the this:
Well, I've made this demo reel to show at college on Wednesday where I'm applying for an animation course and I've been told I can bring some stuff to show them.
This includes stuff from 2004 right up to now. There are bits from MGS:TAS4 which is still in production, but we're working things out, it was planned for this month but things came up.
There's unseen bits and bobs in here too which I've made randomly and you may not have seen and also bits from something I'm submitting soon... But I made it at 30fps so it runs slower on here.
The song was the first song which came to my head after thinking all day of which song to use, and yes it IS the theme song for Matt Wilson's High Score, but that's totally unrelated, and yes RBF is over-used in flash animation, but just put up with it.
See you soon!

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I'd link to one of my online galleries, but it's not there yet as it contains bits that I don't want Rayner to see until next week and I can post it here because I know she doesn't know this exists which is why I continue to post my hopes and fears here.
Basically all I want you to do, it watch it and tell me what you think PLEASE. Keep in mind, it's made out of my 'best' bits of animation I've made since 2004 and is mainly made to 'impress' college folk.
Lord Knows I won't get any replies, but it'd be nice to.